All the photos in this Gallery are of paintings that are available for sale.

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The Monarch 1_opt (1).jpg
Princess of the Jungle_opt (1).jpg
Shamba_opt (1).jpg
Lindani the leopard_opt 1.jpg
Three Little Pigs_opt 1.jpg
Proud Rooster-opt (1).jpg
Collage Parrots-opt.jpg
Collage Eagle_opt 1.jpg
Chooks in the Henhouse_opt 1.jpg
The 3 stooges-opt.jpg
Dora the Giraffe Explorer_opt 1.jpg
Baa!Baa!Baa!_opt (1).jpg
Frilled-neck Lizzard_opt 1.jpg
Collage Coral Fish_opt 1.jpg

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