About Eco Prints

Eco printing combines the artist’s painting of a subject, such as a bird or animal, onto a natural, organically dyed, high-grade paper.

The dyeing process requires heat and water to draw out the pigments from the organic matter (Australian flora such as leaves, flowers, seeds, bark etc) which makes direct contact between the paper and the plant material.

The unplanned colours and patterns that result change with the seasons and plants used.

Once dried, the dyed paper becomes the ‘canvas’ on which the artist can paint a variety of subjects. I personally like to combine the Australian flora used with our beautiful Australian fauna, such as parrots, possums, butterflys etc.

I hope you enjoy these prints as much as I enjoyed making them.

Eco Prints


All the photos in this Gallery are of paintings that are available for sale. 

Each eco print comes framed with glass and ready to hang.

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Pale-Headed Rosella_opt.jpg
Green Tree Frog 2_opt.jpg
Lorikeet 3_opt.jpg
Blue Bird_opt.jpg
Blue Butterfly_opt.jpg

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